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The Rainbows charity in Loughborough have responded to our donation raised as part of the 2017 Handicap in December last year.

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SportyHQ Update


The Sutton Bonington 2017 handicap concluded Friday night 8th Dec 2017 followed by a fine annual dinner at the Falcon Inn in Long Whatton.

Thanks to Ian Robertson for organising that.

Surplus cash from the entry fee and generous donations on the night, resulted in a total of £175 to donate to my suggestion of the Rainbows Childrens Hospice in Loughborough. If any one else  not at the dinner would like to add to the pot please email me and I will add  to the amount.

Thanks to David Hardern who marked the three main tournament matches.

First on at 1715 - Henry Simpkins (+2) v Martin Wright-(-15)

Henry perhaps slid in as a bit of an unknown, not being a regular SB league player recently, and his +2 handicap proved too big a margin for Martin to claw back, the match going to Henry 30-22, 30-22 0r if you prefer 15-7 15-7

In the second main draw semi-final Mark Marable (-5) v Phil Mobley -(15), Mark went down 24-30 ( 10-15 ), 25-30 (11-15) to Phil. Mark perhaps not at his best only just coming back from injury. 

Unable to dress up the two reports any further as I was on court.

However in a splendid final Henry Simkins did his best to upset the apple cart. But Phil is fine athlete, very quick and mobile and he can play squash.

He took the first 30-22 (15-5) but a fine fight back by Henry, taking the second 30-27 (15-12) led to an exciting finale.

At 27-22 (12-7) it looked as though Henry was in with a chance - but Phil showed a superb level of fitness and control to come through and win 30-29 (15-13)

Henry can take consolation that he also won one of the Karakal racket prizes - unfortunately he was not present to receive that or his runners up trophy. So smile Henry. You are still a winner. Looks as though I am in for a rough ride in our league game next week.

Ross Bayliss was the other lucky raffle winner to take the second Karakal racket.

In the minor Plate edition Martin Killeen caused an upset in the first game against Adrian Wright after the latter had overcome the deficit at 19 all, to the put the ball in the tin at game ball. (21-19) (16-14) to Martin. Martin conceded the second 13-20 (4-15) and once the webmaster got to 18 in the third with Martin still on 13 there was only going to be one winner.( 20-15 ) (15-6)

Mike French had a clear run to the final having played his semi-final prior to the night. He was unlucky to lose the first 17-20 (12-15) but held on despite a fight back to take the second (20-18). The third game was also close with the same scoreline reversed, Mike losing on stroke ball having hit the ball back to himself and receiving the return in the backside. Sorry Mike it was clumsy, perhaps desperate..

Thanks to Martin and Mark for marking the plate games.


Some discussion was afforded at the Falcon during dinner, two topics in particular, requiring general concensus amongst League Players and public members.

There seems quite a number interested in running a county league side next summer as a trial followed by a Winter League.

Mark Marable has expressed his interest in running this side and has suggested a get together when we can be sure we have sufficient numbers willing to turn out regularly.

I suggest interested  registered members can put their views and ideas forward by email using this website's. Contact Page. I will then add to replies to a "County League" page .  if you prefer just email the

The other topic was SportyHQ. To date we have been and are running on a freeby as far as the League organisation is concerned. We do lack clout, as a result, in getting things done to suit our requirements. This is particularly true of the Handicap, which is only a one off at the moment.

In recent discussion with SportyHQ it is evident that they are thinking of moving to a paid subscription.

Martin the League Organiser, who has found the system most helpful in organising the leagues and would wish us to remain in control of the Leagues and continue to use SportyHQ, and myself, have suggested a £15-£20 annual subscription for Public members to play in the Leagues. We are hoping this would be sufficient to pay the monthly fee. Detailed discussion needed on this issue with Public members and SportyHq.

Any queries email the . SportyHq have indicated that they might also be moving into websites which could eliminate the need for our local website, and which might be a prettier and more practical overall situation rather than having two websites. and which I have been sponsoring along with occasional donations from members.


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It is important that you complete your matches by the specified date. Any delay causes problems for the organisers setting up the next leagues. If you do not intend fulfilling your match obligations, in fairness to others, you should with draw from the leagues.

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