SportyHQ Update

017 Handicap Update.
Thank you for your cooperation the Handicap is now winding down nicely to Finals night.
Some semi-final places are secured.
See or for the latest status. Board Sheets will be updated tonight.

Main Draw
1st Semi-final Mark Marable v Gary Frost or Phil Mobley
2nd Semi-final Martin Wright v Henry Simkins
Plate Draw
1st Semi-final Nick Harpur v Mike French or Oliver Mathuru
2nd Semi-final Martin Killeen or John Dennett v Adrian Wright or Jim Burton

SBSquash Handicap 2017 - see the HANDICAP tab above and follow the links on that page for the handicap info and the draws.

Main draw link HERE        Plate draw link HERE


OPT IN/OUT Guidance

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Default Score Guidance

Please note that if it is necessary to claim a match by default you can now allocate 4 points and your opponent Nil by allocating a 1*-0 score.

Note the aterisk and declaring the result Default. Any claims should be notified to the League Organiser with the reason/s for claiming the match.


Again this months leagues caused some problems due to some players not being in the correct mode for league inclusion.
It is essential that all current league members login to their account and enusure that the following is displayed
on their Dashboard OR at the top of the SBSquash League sheet.

"Auto join next cycle" and "Click here to opt out of this box league"

If you wish to opt out the next league ( not the current league ) "Click here to opt out of this box league"
If are are unable to continue in the current box league you should email the
If you wish to continue in the Leagues do nothing.

If you are not currently a League member the following will show

"You're not registered to play." | "Join box league"
If in future you need to join the Leagues you must click "Join box league"

Anyone not prepared or able to assist the League Organisers in simplifying the automation of the league process should signal their intention
by eMail to the He will then take over their account.
Those players then wishing to enter or be removed from the the League must then notify the by email.
They must also submit any results by telephone or email to either of the addresses above.
Failure to do so may mean ommission from or demotion in the leagues.
The local Board copy will still be displayed but for info only.
It will not be cross checked. What is on the website is what will be processed for the succession League period.

This months Leagues all have 6 players. This will cause some disappointment next month when the boxes are reduced back down to 5 players.
Please note also that if you do not play any matches you will automatically be removed from the following league unless you specifically email the that you wish to remain in the League and the reason that you failed to play any matches.He will then renstate you.

Login for Member Contact Details


Claiming a match by default

Should find the need to claim a match by default you can now allocate points 4-0 by inputting a 1*- 0 score. NOTE The Asterisk and declaring it a DEFAULT result. You should also notify the League Organiser with the reason for your claim. All players should make an efffort to play their matches. From now on anyone not playing any matches and not notifying the League Organiser with a valid reason why will be removed from the next Leagues.

You can also see "Announcements" on the Club Home Page. You may need to click the announcement to see the message in full.

Notice site is the Primary results site. is  the primary communication site.
You won't need to log in or register to in future but please look to this site for links, in particular to
SportyHQ will have all the results and contact details, It is necessary to be registered and activated with this site and logged on when using it to see the SBSquash details. See the guidance notes at




Changes to League Management System

SBSquash Player has been approved by  the League Organiser. This will enable him to more easily recompile the next leagues which will be purely driven from the data on this site.
Most of you have been registered to this new system. If not you need to register at the site as will all newcomers.
You can activate your account via the login page.
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It is important that you complete your matches by the specified date. Any delay causes problems for the organisers setting up the next leagues. If you do not intend fulfilling your match obligations, in fairness to others, you should with draw from the leagues.

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Please Note

The Current leagues in pdf format can be viewed  HERE - See the Leagues Tab for web version and current status.