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The new leagues are now live and end when the club closes on the 23rd December.

It re-opens January 3 which will be the start of the new year leagues.

Any queries to

I have a supply of 1 and 2 spot balls at £2 each.

Future Racket re-strings will use Karakal Power 125 at £10 per string set. Restring charge £15.

England Squash Masters – British Open 2023

3 former Kegworth Squash club players were in the news – culminating in the finals on Sunday 11 June 2023 at the Colets Club in Thames Ditton. Peter Marshall, whose father built the Kegworth Squash again excelled to win the Mens Over 40’s Event – comfortably – despite now being over 50 – Amazing

Simon Spencer another great player from the Kegworth club was seeded 3/4 but unfortunately lost in the quarter finals in the MO55

Webmaster Adrian Wright – did not play in the event due to recent health problems but was given a lifetime achievement award.

The full results and reports are on the website

The chairman’s announcement of the lifetime achievment award

Lifetime Achievement Award – Adrian Wright
For the first time in its 20-year history ESM made a special award.
Adrian Wright of Yorkshire was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for his superb playing career which he retired from recently. Adrian has been a top Masters player and the most successful male player we have had.
He has won 4 World Masters titles, 6 British Opens, 10 National Championships and a record 37 Regional Opens. Known as ‘the Silver Fox’ he has been a great supporter of England Squash Masters both on and off the court and started the early ESM website. He had a great eye for the ball and hit with great pace from sometimes hopeless positions. A fierce but fair competitor he often won against the odds with a flurry of winning shots.
We wish him a happy retirement from Squash and hope to see him visit us at events when he can.

Stuart Hardy


SBSquash Teams gettogether

It was refreshing to see the Nottinghamshire leagues sides get together for an informal bash – first at the club followed by drinks at the Red Lion and the new curry house now open in the market square. Organised by Joe  Pygall the 1st team captain. The club event involved a very friendly doubles competition, not strictly to the rules, but for ease of scoring each side just having the one serve before hand out and playing one game to 15. The sides were made up with one first team player having a second team player as his partner. As an outsider I cocked things up as the were 5 from each team  plus me. Unfortunately for Martin Killeen, partnering our top ranked player, Steve Franklin, he suffered a calf tear during the 2nd match – they having won the 1st. This left an opening for  your  truly. The Franklin partnership, having given Lyndon Kennedy and Richard Bellamy a tonking in one of the 4 lead up matches – the final nearly went their way having 2 chances before losing out at 18/16. The consensus was that a fine evening was had by all and the new Curry house was  pleasant experience. Worth  a visit if you have not been.

So thanks to Joe Pygall – who presented umpteen trophy statutes to winners of various categories – Jim Burton, the 2nd team captain winning 4, which he then distributed to his team’s winners. Joe did likewise for his.

The Teams
Lyndon Kennedy* / Richard Bellamy*
Martin Wright* / Jason Mitcheson*
Joe Pygall / Will Rhodes
Dan Ginty / Jim Burton*
Steve Franklin* / Martin Killeen – Adrian Wright*

* Indicates winners

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Squash Levels

Should anyone else have concerns about the recent email from Squash Levels concerning price increases, which you will have received as a registered member of Squash Levels, through our Internal league system.

Should you click on the Upgrade  link  you can see listed what you get for free, and what extras you get for  £20 & £30 per  annum.

For many of you, free will no doubt be in enough. For the more keener ones amongst you to know where you stand level world  wide wise, plus  the additional facilities available for just  –  £20 or £30 a year is not robbing the bank – bearing in mind the club are now saving on using this system and is my view  one step ahead of the system we have just left – which though free, was costing us £20 to get rid of the adverts and the previous SportyHQ system was costing £168 – that at a reduced rate.

So Personally i think the author is worthy of support. It is voluntary.

I have personally subsidised our our own website and the league system system which we first introduced with the website in 2013. The costs are now down to a minmum and are now currently covered by Notts League players out of the surplus from their match fees.

Please help the author if you are able by upgrading.

You should note that Squash Skills is now  integrated with the Squash Levels system which is being used World Wide for ranking players in Tournaments. Squash Skills does require an addition subscription.

It is why there are non SBS relevant topics in abundance in the upper part of the Home page. Scroll to the bottom of the page for menu and  specific Sutton Bonington connections.

You might find the necessary links more convenient under the Leagues tab   on



Further update – Entering SBS League results

Note from the Squash Levels Author:

Should you have any reason to alter any entered result having pressed the update button – You cannot – Please re-enter the correct entry – but PLEASE ensure you use the same date.    The previous result will then get over-written on the over-night updates

League Games  results must be entered via the Sutton Bonington Boxes Page

Other results, friendlies. competition matches etc can be added via the RESULTS tab at the bottom of the screen. Should you wish.

It is on the cards to have a special page  for Sutton Bonington – this will eliminate, hopefully the need to scroll to the bottom the page for example – we live in hope – Please be patient – I do have some influence with this  site and  a connection with the author.