SBSquash Teams gettogether

It was refreshing to see the Nottinghamshire leagues sides get together for an informal bash – first at the club followed by drinks at the Red Lion and the new curry house now open in the market square. Organised by Joe  Pygall the 1st team captain. The club event involved a very friendly doubles competition, not strictly to the rules, but for ease of scoring each side just having the one serve before hand out and playing one game to 15. The sides were made up with one first team player having a second team player as his partner. As an outsider I cocked things up as the were 5 from each team  plus me. Unfortunately for Martin Killeen, partnering our top ranked player, Steve Franklin, he suffered a calf tear during the 2nd match – they having won the 1st. This left an opening for  your  truly. The Franklin partnership, having given Lyndon Kennedy and Richard Bellamy a tonking in one of the 4 lead up matches – the final nearly went their way having 2 chances before losing out at 18/16. The consensus was that a fine evening was had by all and the new Curry house was  pleasant experience. Worth  a visit if you have not been.

So thanks to Joe Pygall – who presented umpteen trophy statutes to winners of various categories – Jim Burton, the 2nd team captain winning 4, which he then distributed to his team’s winners. Joe did likewise for his.

The Teams
Lyndon Kennedy* / Richard Bellamy*
Martin Wright* / Jason Mitcheson*
Joe Pygall / Will Rhodes
Dan Ginty / Jim Burton*
Steve Franklin* / Martin Killeen – Adrian Wright*

* Indicates winners

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