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Sutton Bonington League System – QUICK LINKS

All Internal League Players – Please note : Use the Opt IN/OUT  links on the Squash Leagues Page to let the League organiser know when you want In and Out of the Leagues.

 New Club Members January 2023

Any new Sports Club member wishing to join the Internal Squash leagues or ladders needs to register with the league management site, In order you can be added to a League system box or division.
We have now moved to the Squash Levels Boxes system as from the new cycle commencing  January 2023 at
You can register directly with that site in order that you agree to your contact details are on show for League members to contact you and they you. 
Only an email address and contact telephone number are  required.
This does not automatically add you to the club. you can search for “Sutton Bonington Squash Club” under find a club, and then click the email link to send a message to the Administrator.
Alternatively email the to add you.
If you do not do this we will not know of your request.
Requests to Join the  Leagues   should  be made to the to the League Organiser.
Existing registrants will be added at their Squash Levels Status.
New entrants ditto, if they have A Squash Level Ranking, else they will be entered at the bottom and be expected to work up.
If they have exceptional ability the League Organiser may allow results from at least  2  unrestricted challenges.
Unfortunately there is no  Mobile App to get access to the management website, contact details and enter results. You can do this  through the website which has direct links – or go to the website direct.

Existing members:

Existing  members of the league need to update their contact details  on the new league sheet page if necessary. Check the sheet.
Refer to the guidance notes on in  order to enter results and  obtain contact details
If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints or even praises – Let us know – Please NOTE due to persistent unauthorised submissions, the Contacts Us page has been removed.
New users consult the notice board behind the squash courts or reception for contact details – current registered members need to be in the leagues to see  contact details of League members in their particular box.