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Should anyone else have concerns about the recent email from Squash Levels concerning price increases, which you will have received as a registered member of Squash Levels, through our Internal league system.

Should you click on the Upgrade  link  you can see listed what you get for free, and what extras you get for  £20 & £30 per  annum.

For many of you, free will no doubt be in enough. For the more keener ones amongst you to know where you stand level world  wide wise, plus  the additional facilities available for just  –  £20 or £30 a year is not robbing the bank – bearing in mind the club are now saving on using this system and is my view  one step ahead of the system we have just left – which though free, was costing us £20 to get rid of the adverts and the previous SportyHQ system was costing £168 – that at a reduced rate.

So Personally i think the author is worthy of support. It is voluntary.

I have personally subsidised our our own sbsquash.co.uk website and the league system system which we first introduced with the website in 2013. The costs are now down to a minmum and are now currently covered by Notts League players out of the surplus from their match fees.

Please help the author if you are able by upgrading.

You should note that Squash Skills is now  integrated with the Squash Levels system which is being used World Wide for ranking players in Tournaments. Squash Skills does require an addition subscription.

It is why there are non SBS relevant topics in abundance in the upper part of the Home page. Scroll to the bottom of the page for menu and  specific Sutton Bonington connections.

You might find the necessary links more convenient under the Leagues tab   on https://sbsquash.co.uk



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