We have been using squashleagues.org  for our league management system for the last 12 months. 

There were distinct disadvantages though the system is free to use 

1.   It cost £20 to get rid of annoying adverts

2. Inputting the scores not as easy as what is proposed – see below

3. Does not include the provision for individual games score. 

4. Not particular useful for conveying specific club information. 

On discovering that Squash Levels do their own Boxes system we have been trialling this system for 2 cycles  including the current one. 


1.Inputting Scores more straight forward – but also includes provision for individual game scores

2. This increases the accuracy of squash levels

3. The squash levels platform is now being used by the World Squash Federation and will used for ranking all age groups in the 2024 World Masters Squash Championship in Amsterdam. Seems more straight forward for managing the system

5. Scores are input direct to squashlevels.

6.Is totally free 


  1. Home pages is full of squash related information and tips. But this might be interesting to some 
  1. You have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the club connection.
  1. You need to scroll to the bottom to log out. The latter which you should do.
  2. Need players to re-register with squash levels 

Whilst this may cause players to question the move, the £20 saving alone, we feel justifies the effort needed – which is minimal. – funding for the league and club management systems is funded from team player contributions. Having lost the generous deal we had with Louise at the Cap this is now £30 / per match more at the Anchor. 

All current players names in the league system are already in the squashlevels database. You need to be registered with squash levels in order to authorise display of your contact details and to be able to submit results.

It is quite easy to register. You only then have to enter your email address and contact details on the league boxes page once you are logged in.

The following players are already registered. if you have forgotten your password go through the reset or forgotten password routine

Nick Harpur
Martin killeen
Will Rhodes
Dave Hardern
Ross Baylis

You can see the  Sutton Bonington player list  and rankings by searching for the club without logging in. 

IMPORTANT Rather than retype your name when registering you should search the squash levels database and select your name. Otherwise you are more than likely to duplicate your name requiring then to be merged. In that case email the webmaster@sbsquash.co.uk that you have done so.

We therefore intend moving to the Squash Levels box system in the next cycle. Please familiarise yourself with the proposed system and register with squash levels – see below 

Website: https://squashlevels.com 

Website Login Page: https://squashlevels.com/dashboard.php 

Enlarged view of the caption above

Note; Don’t click Create Account  – but the Register for free link 

look up your name see below –  if you are a  newcomer you will have to register and request access to the club – see http://sbsquash.co.uk  – new players 

Look up your name from the screen below  if you end up duplicating your name email webmaster@sbsquash.co.uk 

Sutton Bonington Boxes page: Boxes – SquashLevels 

Sutton Bonington Player list and levels Ratings – SquashLevels

Look for the relevant Sutton Bonington references at the bottom of the Squash Levels Home Page 

Note to see this page with the Sutton Bonington references  you need to be registered with squash levels and logged in. 

Once you have access to the boxes you will have the option to update your contact details 

See below  – you can rescind if you don’t want to show your details but then players will not be able to contact you. 

Contact details only show for your league when you are logged in.