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Entering League Results

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There seems to be some confusion regarding entering Leagues results.

You can enter any match scrolling to the bottom of the SquashLevels page when Logged and and selecting “Enter Result”

League match results should ONLY be entered via the SUTTON BONINGTON BOXES Page  Viz:
To enter a league result
1 Login
2 Scroll to the bottom of the page
3 Select Sutton Bonington Boxes
4 Scroll to the box that you are in
5 find your name
6 along the row find your opponent's name
7 Hover over the Cell - It reads "enter result here" - click on the +
8 Enter your score
9 Should you put the individual scores  got to 15  not 1 then 5 for a win
10 Once a number is entered it automatically moves to the next field
11 Do not forget to Click the Add button

If you have registered with Squash Levels you will not be able to do this or see contact details

See the 2nd  Post on  for instructions. Takes a few minutes.


World Squash Federation (WSF) and SquashLevels

The World Squash Federation (WSF) and SquashLevels have agreed an exciting new partnership to deliver the official World Squash Ratings.

The SquashLevels rating system can be described as a cross between the golf handicap system and popular multi-sport tracking and performance app, Strava, providing a unified ratings system for all players at every level. They will complement existing national and international rankings by engaging and connecting millions of squash players across the world.

WSF President Zena Wooldridge believes that SquashLevels is an ideal tool to build a truly global squash community, providing the basis for other exciting developments for the sport. “Our recent WSF strategy recognises the need to partner with others who are already doing valuable and innovative work in the sport that can be accelerated via partnership with the WSF.

“To make this a truly global ratings system the other critical partners in this venture are our National Federations, for whom this is a fantastic tool to engage more players in the SquashLevels community. We know how critical the vitality of clubs is to the sport, and we believe this is a valuable tool to generate new energy and an obsessive interest within clubs across the world. This is a tried and tested product which can help to transform our sport. WSF’s mission is to grow the sport, inspire our community and work together. This partnership will help squash achieve that mission.”

SquashLevels Chief Strategic Officer Jethro Binns said: “We are delighted to partner with the WSF, as we see SquashLevels becoming an enormously powerful tool for players, federations and organisations around the world. It’s been our belief for some time that the sport needs a unified method of rating players of all levels, and our system works in partnership with existing results providers to do just that. For organisations, SquashLevels provides an opportunity to communicate directly with their squash playing communities across a platform built specifically for squash.”

SquashLevels is the most advanced rating system in the world. Originally implemented and tested in the UK, using player feedback and behavioural modelling collected and refined over the last 10 years, it gives an incredibly accurate picture of a player’s playing level at any given point in time, calibrated across different regions and countries.

The WSF and SquashLevels will work together, along with national federations, to formalise the agreement, and implement the partnership over the next six months.





Kegworth squash Club

Many club members, left overs from Kegworth Squash Club, which closed in February 1999 will remember one of our then youngsters from the 80’s. Look how he has grown..

Simon Spencer and the webmaster, yours truly represented England in the Home Internationals  in Nottingham, The Park Squash Club,  at the weekend ( Fri/Sat 13/14/5/22) . Simon was seeded 3 in the Men’s Over 55, 5 man, team – I, No 2, in the Men’s O75 team 3 man, team. Men’s O35 And Ladies O55 were also represented.

Unfortunately I lost my record of  never having lost representing England since 1998 – over 50 matches in Total over 20 seasons. Some honour was restored completing the rout of Scotland on Saturday afternoon who were runners up in this agegroup.  Coming back from 2-1 down to win a 34 minute battle in 5, to 11. As there are no older Age group provisions for this event, this is likely to be my  last appearance, being 81 in a few weeks time.

England won all the age Groups. The last event is next weekend  in Cardiff where the MO45 WO45 and MO65 will conclude  this year’s Home International events.

For more information see the England Squash Masters website

Webmaster wins 6th British open Masters title in Hull

I know that some of you might be interested in your webmaster’s activities outside of  the  club. At the weekend I claimed my 6th British Open Title.  see should you have further interest.

Men’s O80. The inspirational elder statesmen of the game were in action today. Led by four time World Champion Adrian Wright (YKS) he showed his renowned solid hitting as he despatched Geoff Coe (CHS) in straight games. In the other semi another former World Masters champion Lance Kinder (HPH) was giving a few years away to National Champion John Blurton (SFD) who proved to strong. A Wright / Blurton final.

Men’s O80s. No one wins four World Masters titles without being able to hit a ball pretty well and Adrian Wright (YKS) can certainly do that. John Blurton (SFD) is the National Champion and has good mobility but he could not match the Silver Fox. A sixth British Open for Wright.