Entering League Results


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There seems to be some confusion regarding entering Leagues results.

You can enter any match scrolling to the bottom of the SquashLevels page when Logged and and selecting “Enter Result”

League match results should ONLY be entered via the SUTTON BONINGTON BOXES Page  Viz:
To enter a league result
1 Login
2 Scroll to the bottom of the page
3 Select Sutton Bonington Boxes
4 Scroll to the box that you are in
5 find your name
6 along the row find your opponent's name
7 Hover over the Cell - It reads "enter result here" - click on the +
8 Enter your score
9 Should you put the individual scores  got to 15  not 1 then 5 for a win
10 Once a number is entered it automatically moves to the next field
11 Do not forget to Click the Add button

If you have registered with Squash Levels you will not be able to do this or see contact details

See the 2nd  Post on https://sbsquash.co.uk  for instructions. Takes a few minutes.


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