SBS1 Nots League

Further disappointments for the 1st team in the Notts League.
The Captain did get started on time and had his chances in all 3 games but finished up losing 3-0. Our senior marker was impressed by his opponent. So not a bad effort MJW.
Lyndon Kennedy standing in, did well to win points, being 2-1 up at one stage. It was left to Steve Franklin again to salvage some pride with a fine win at No1. 18-5 losers this time.
But a good reunion for some us, who knew quite a few of the opposition – some via their fathers. It so happened that 3 of their players were well short of the total years of our junior marker. And as Lyndon’s victor remarked it is a young man’s game.

Nottinghamshire Squash Leagues

The second half of the season got off to a poor start on Monday 21st February 2022.
The 1st team crashed 5-0 to a bunch of fit students away in Nottingham.
At home the 2nd team fared better, but lost to Racketeers 3 from the Park. Racketeers had been demoted from the first half matches.
Andy Edwards at 4 recovered some mommentum from 2-0 down to run out 3-2 winner, against an agile fit young man.
Lyndon Kennedy at 1 also recovered from a slow start, but played very well in the end to run out a 3-1 winner and earn brownie points for the team who ran out 17-7 points and 3-2 losers.