Squash Ladders

SQUASH LADDER – THE ladder is hosted on https://squashleagues.org – Click HERE – the normal website rules apply to this website- NOTE – THERE IS NO LOGIN Required or  available for SBSQUASH.CO.UK


Note: You cannot shallenge down – The players that you can challenge should be marked when you login – it is going to be an interesting summer

We are proposing  a Ladder system for the Summer. Those looking for competitive games can use the ladder to challenge and check their standing. The ladder will help set the team rankings for the winter season commencing, probably October 2022. We are yet to reach agreement but it is likely that Squash Levels will determine ranking order.

This will ease the situation on getting games in despite recent 6 weeks duration, some players managing just 1 if no matches at all. This is  frustrating. If you dont want to play Opt Out. You can do this from the SBSQuash.co.uk  Squash Leagues Page.

The ladder will commence from next Monday 20 October and finish on Friday 30th September . The League Organiser may wish to change this depending on comments received.

There are a number who play for several clubs who find it difficult to fit in our SBSQuash Leagues but games may now be organised through offical challenge function on the Squash Ladder to help verify standard for the team players next season.

We have yet to finalise any rules on challenges but those who have opted out may wish to stay in the leagues with less pressure now to play to get games in.

It would be helpful if players were registered for the Ladder during the last month prior to the new Notts League season where it is hoped to enter 3 teams again – yet to be confirmed.

You can pull out or request entry to the ladder at any time. The first ladder will be made up from the current succession League. Position in the ladder will be based on your current squash level for anyone subsequently asking to be included.

I understand current Opted Out players are Luis Salazar, Mark Simes and David Franklin. If you want to stay in a ladder please use the Optin form to Opt back in again for the ladder. Otherwise you can request Optin when you wish. OPTIN?OUT OPTION is under the Main Squash leagues Tab

Rules Yet to finalise

But see squash-ladder-parameters-explained HERE or on the Squash Ladder Host site Home Page HERE Click the ?

League Organiser:@sbsquash.co.uk